Christopher Jon Anderson (fofer) wrote in caakodiaks,
Christopher Jon Anderson

Building Project

This probably isn't news to anyone but work is finally underway on the new CAA Ad Building. While fulfilling my role as the awkward 'older guy' at CAA church last weeeknd I got to wander aound the construction site and take some pictures. Hopefully I'll post those later this week. Things are cruising right along and they're expecting to have it ready for next school year (I think).

So alumni, let's cruise down memory lane as we ponder a new Ad Building.

During your time at CAA what would you consider the most obvious sign that it was time for some upgrades?

In the spirit of fundraising you can affix your name to (amost) anything in the new building (for the right price). Given your current ability to support CAA and/or your interest in doing so, what part of the new construction would you like to immortalize your namesake on? How does your choice reflect your experience at CAA?

What nostalgic/tradional piece of CAA history will be most missed with a new Ad Building?
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