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Brandon, you were more than just a friend. You were a classmate, the 6th Amigo and even now, MY HERO

I don't even know where to start. I hadn't seen him in about a month. I hadn't sat down and talked to him. I hadn't taken the time to plan the camping trip that we all should have gone on. I didn't realize how much I missed him. I don't have as many memories of Brandon as some people. I didn't know him from when he was 6. But I can call Brandon my friend, my classmate, my 6th Amigo, and now, my hero.

Brandon was so much a part of CAA that often it is hard for me to think back to any function and not remember him leading out in some part of it. whether it be a random chapel, a class party, or even just a regular class period. Brandon was always there smiling his lopsided smile. Chatting it up with Peter or Chelsea. I really got to know him senior year. Talking late into the night on campouts. practicing for sycronized sitting. We had so many good times. Then him at WWC. He was down the hall and around the corner from me so I didn;t get to see him that much. I know that sounds odd, hes a mere 30 yards away, but i never made the trip that much. But when I did there would be him and Peter. With their huge fridge, the mouse filled couch, Peters computer right in the door, and Brandons in the corner. Whenever I would come in the room Peter would always ask me for help with CS and Brandon would just be there Smiling. Happy to see me or anyone else that came into his room. Thats my last major memory of Brandon. That, and him coming specificaly to see me after Graduation, to say hi, whats up, we made it.

This last week has been very unpleasent. I am so greatful to my friends for being there to talk to. To support eachother. I didn't realize how far apart I had grown for many of the people that I never thought I would ever be able to forget. To have rekindled friendships with people that life no more than 3 doors down from me. People that I was just to wrapped up in my self to remember. To those of you I have forgoten or brushed off. I am sorry. There are few things more important than friends. I love all of you (even you Jeff).

Brandon showed me something. Somethng that I had been told a hundred times. From when I was a little kid. I just never got it. Never understood. It never sunk in untill today, at his funeral. The next thing he will see is Jesus. Jesus's smiling face looking down on him, saying "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Brandon showed me that there is a reason to live a life for Christ and not for ones self. To let God shine though you. I never payed any attention to the thoughts that blew through my mind today. This life is nothing. There is nothing in this life that will ever hold a candle to waking up and seing that loving face looking down on you, that hand bidding you to come, that glowing, mercy filled embrace waiting for you. And once I realized this, I thought, what am I doing with my life. Nothing. what do I have to show for my 21 years. Nothing. I wait for the next episode of my TV show to come out. I sit on my ass all day. I do nothing except what I want to do. Not anymore. There is nothing I can possibly think of that would be worth losing seing Brandon again. I want to wake up to Jesus's voice. I want to have my guardian angel next to me, flying into the sky to meet my savior. I want to be able to look over, and see my friends rising with me. I want to see Brandon, and be able to tell him that I am here becuase of him. What he showed me though his life, and ultimatly what his death made me realize. I want to be able to tell him of how many people who he reached. I want to see that smile cross his face again. And I want to turn and with all my friends around me looking into the face of the loving God who we are all going to meet. I cannot wait.

So here is my pledge, with all of you as witnesses. My life will change. I will no longer live my life for me. I will no longer be selfish. I will no longer be a sinner in Gods eyes. I want to live my life the way Brandon did. I want to walk with God. I want to show God's love though me. I want to be a vessel for the Good News to get into the world. I will not sit by and let other people go down that path that I was on. I will not be complacent. I will not let anyone I meet pass me by without hearing about my Savior who died on a cross to save little, lazy, cussing, sinning, wothless me. I will see my Lords face and live for eternity with him. I will see Brandon Moor again! This is my pledge.

-Christopher Robin Will
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